Filtering through earlier working material and analysing my photos, remembering friends with whom life and work brought me together in my homeland of Russia and in my immigration to Spain, I decided to share my favourites across my social networks, titling the project with the strong word “Woman.” 

In this series of publications, I will represent all those who from the category of “Client” went into the category of “Person”, people whom I admire, people who motivate me, with whom I share experiences, ideas, and projects.  

They are women, like me, but with a different world and a different power of femininity that attracts me.  

Today’s heroine: Toni. Bright, talented, strong, and at the same time very feminine.  She, like me, sees the beauty and talent and supports it.  At the moment, her protege is the brand @goldandroses_de, a jewellery brand as stylish and sophisticated as she is herself.

For each series I would like to suggest a classic phrase about woman. Today it is Rubén Darío.  “Without woman, life is pure prose.” – “Sin la mujer, la vida es pura prosa.”


Rubén Darío @ Madrid, Spain

The wonderful outfits of Manuk.brand

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